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Building Projects

We are currently seeking donations for the following churches here:

1. Saragoza - Pastor Andres Morales and the church have outgrown their current building. We want to turn the old building into a fellowship hall. A simple new building seating 150 people would cost $15,000 - $20,000.

2. Berlin – Pastor Bolanos is starting a new church and needs $3,000 to put up a metal roof to hold services under it.

3. Oztalan – Pastor Victor has outgrown his house church and needs to buy a piece of land and put up a simple structure costing $20,000.

4. Chinameca – We recently purchased a mission house to host our teams. We need to add 7 – 8 bedrooms costing $40,000.

5. El Jobo – Needs $5,000 to put a roof on their new mission

B. Adopt a Pastor

We are seeking Sunday School Classes, youth groups and churches to “adopt” a pastor and his family. Some pastors here earn $100 - $150 per month. They need supplemental income to help provide for their families. You can “adopt” a family for 1 – 3 years. Pastor and family profiles may be secured by writing: bob@kendrickministriesi.com

C. Child Sponsorships

Touch the World Ministries helps sponsor 29 children. You may also help a child for as little as $30 per month. This money will provide school clothing and medical care for “your child.”

D. Scholarships

Many pastors have grown children who want higher education but lack the funding. Kendrick Ministries coordinates a scholarship program through 3 different universities in El Salvador. Scholarships vary from $500 - $1,000 per year, per student, depending on the area of study. If interested, contact Bob at bob@kendrickministries.com

E. Radio Esperanza

We are needing to put a new repeater tower up in Cerro Cacahuete, located about 60 miles north of Chinameca. The tower would be placed at an altitude of 5,300 feet, giving us better coverage both north and west and adding an additional 100,000 potential listeners. The cost is around $10,000 for the equipment and installation.

Update – Recent donations have allowed us to:
1. Purchase a house in Chinameca to host mission teams
2. Relocate Radio Esperanza offices and broadcast facilities
3. Finish phase II of the new church in Los Luna
4. Fund a scholarship to enroll our Institute Director in the online Master’s Program at Southwestern Seminary
5. Purchase a truck for Radio Esperanza