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Kendrick Ministries is involved in a variety of ministries in El Salvador. These ministries include:

  • Evangelism
  • Ministerial Training
  • Planting New Churches
  • Radio Esperanza

Kendrick Ministries is involved in Evangelism through:
  • Operating a Christian Radio Station (Radio Esperanza)
  • Preaching in Crusades
  • High School and University Evangelism
  • Literature Distribution
  • Soul-Winning Training and Conferences
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  • Ministerial Training

BIBLE INSTITUTE OF CHINAMECA IBIBCH The Baptist Bible Institute of Chinameca is a pastoral/missionary training center located in Eastern El Salvador.

The focus of Kendrick Ministries is evangelism and new church planting. We feel the best way to accomplish this is through the multiplication of national pastors, evangelist and missionaries.

The Bible Institute offers a three year pastoral study program for men called into full-time ministry. The Institute also offers a two year program for other church leaders and missionaries.

Students come from great distances to Chinameca each week to better prepare themselves to reach El Salvador and beyond for Christ.

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  • Planting New Churches


Our mission statement is:

The purpose of Kendrick Ministries is to help plant a Bible believing church in every village, town and city in Eastern El Salvador.

With “a church on every corner” in much of the Deep South, it is hard for us to imagine towns of 10,000 – 20,000 people and cities of 50,000 without a Bible believing church.

Jesus said, “I have chosen you and ordained you that you may bear fruit and that your fruit would remain.”

The best and most long lasting way to reach a village, town or city for Christ is to place a Biblically prepared and spiritually passionate pastor in it to start winning people to Christ, develop leaders and plant a new church. Kendrick Ministries works alongside “Mother Churches” to help plant new “Daughter Churches” in the many unreached areas of El Salvador. We do this by:

1. Helping – Initially – by recommending, sending and supporting a student or graduate from our Bible Institute of Chinameca.

2. Helping Financially – maybe helping the mother church buy a lot or start construction on a building. (See projects)

3. Helping Continually – by maintaining contact with the new mission and offering training to new mission leaders and staff.

  • Radio Esperanza

Hope Radio

Radio Esperanza (Hope Radio) was founded by Kendrick Ministries in 1999. It's programs are broadcast from Chinameca. It has a potential listening audience of 1.2 million people. Through 4 strategic repeater towers, it is heard throughout all of Eastern El Salvador in 4 states.

All programs are in Spanish. Many of the same programs you hear in the USA are translated and sent to us here. Radio Esperanza offers:

Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rodgers

Through the Bible with J. Vernon McGee

Turning Point with David Jeremiah

Focus on the Family with James Dobson

Grace for Living with Chuch Swindoll

As well as, weekly sermons and studies from various local pastors associated with Kendrick Ministries.

The Radio also produces a nightly, live, call-in program, as well as, a weekly children's program and a health program.

Radio Esperanza staff receive hundreds of calls each week from listeners who need counseling or seek salvation.

Radio Esperanza is also located on the world wide web. Hope Radio is faithfully proclaiming the Hope we have in Christ - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year!

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