We do host groups each year to come and see what the Lord is doing in El Salvador and to help us with an ongoing ministries or projects. We are not a “group driven” ministry, but we do believe that groups bless our folks here and bless the group that comes. Here is some basic information concerning groups. If you are interested in bringing a group, you need to contact Bob directly at 601-427-2863 to talk about mission opportunities and dates. Based on the focus of your trip. Bob will do all the planning, organizing and scheduling of your visit and send you a detailed agenda a couple of weeks before your group arrives. Groups, many times, volunteer after our annual budget is presented. So, groups need to help cover all of their personal and ministry expenses while on the field (food, transportation, lodging, translators, etc.) Group members must be: At least 18 years old (unless accompanied by a parent) A born again Christian, active and serving in some leadership or teaching position in his/her local church. Each group is responsible for making their own flight arrangements to and from El Salvador. .